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Our Story

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About Us

Finity is a mission-focused health technology and services company. Our health intelligence engagement solutions are designed to empower members to make healthy choices. We serve millions of Medicaid, CHIP, Medicare, marketplace, and commercial members across the country. Finity’s clients are CMS, state Medicaid agencies, health plans, hospital systems, and self-insured corporate health plans. Finity is located in the beautiful Northwest.

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Our Mission

Finity’s mission is to reduce health care costs by engaging, educating, and empowering millions of people to improve their health, their wealth, and their well-being.

Our Solutions

Finity’s MemberWell Solution brings all your member engagement into one system. MemberWell supports and tracks all multimedia engagement, promotes HEDIS® and wellness activities, gamifies member incentives, predicts health and SDOH needs, and integrates health care portals and call center activities. The result is a highly personalized member experience that lowers costs by improving your members’ health.

Finity’s Health Intelligence (Hi.) Solutions blend innovative technologies and services to support some of health care’s toughest issues, including maternal health, diabetes management, and social determinants of health (SDOH).

Finity’s health intelligence applications and network supporting infrastructure at Finity facilities are HITRUST certified.


Our Vision

At Finity we see a world of nature. Where the best of human nature is compassion. Where diversity and inclusion are the principles of balance. Where service empowers purpose. Where respect for the planet is our duty. Where technology is smart enough to be simple. Where excellence is the warrior’s path. Where we are each a part of the whole.

Our Culture

Finity is located in Portland, Oregon. We have a diverse and innovative culture that includes technology wizards, dedicated support teams, data scientists, creative artists, and behavior change experts. We work with a passion for service and a drive for excellence. Finity is a CMS Health Care Innovation Awardee.

Our Methodology

Our proprietary 4E Behavior Change Methodology drives all our healthcare technologies and services. The 4Es are a set of criteria, models, and methodologies proven effective in motivating behavior change with millions of people across the world for over two decades.

Let’s Connect!

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