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CovidCare provides members with engagement, support, & care

Childhood immunizations are dropping across the country. Medicare members are isolated and vulnerable. CovidCare is an innovative technology and care solution that includes a white-labeled CovidCare microsite, Multimedia Campaigns, CovidCare Coaches, & CovidCare Kits.

Solution Results

Total Well-Baby Visits Completed1

Total Well-Baby Visits Completed

Total % Increase in Well-Baby Visits2

Total % Increase in Well-Baby Visits

% of Population Engaged3

% of Population Successfully Engaged

1Total number of well-baby checkups completed after immunization awareness campaign to approx. 35K Medicaid members.

2Percent of Medicaid members aged 0-15 months who completed a well-baby visit within 60 days of campaign engagement.

3Percent of Medicaid members aged 0-15 months successfully engaged via immunization awareness campaign.

CovidCare app

The CovidCare site is branded with your company logo

CovidCare app

The CovidCare microsite can be linked directly from your website where members can view animated learning videos, keep up with the latest scientific news, and find health and well-being resources. Members who contract COVID are provided with a CovidCare Coach to help monitor their progress. CovidCare biometic kits help providers, coaches, and members stay on top of blood oxygen levels and temperatures.

CovidCare Components

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Multimedia campaigns help provide important COVID education and alerts.

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CovidCare Site

Members are provided COVID education, alerts, scientific news, & SDOH resources.

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Coaches connect daily with COVID patients to monitor condition & provide support.

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CovidCare Kits

Kits include smart oximeters, thermometers, masks, and items to reduce stress.

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Immunization Campaigns

Member rewards and multimedia campaign proven to increase childhood immunizations.

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Health plan and providers can access CovidCare data on the administrator portal.