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First Impressions builds member loyalty, lowers costs, & improves quality metrics

The goal of First Impressions is to onboard a new members cost-effectively and help them improve their health by completing an HRA and their first PCP visit. First Impressions includes the First Impressions Microsite, new member engagement, peer outbound calls, & First Impressions reporting.

Solution Results

Total PCP Visit Cost Savings1

Total PCP visit Cost Savings

Total HRA Cost Savings2

Total Cost of Care Savings

Total PCP Visit % Improvement3

Total PCP Visit % Improvement

1Total PCP visit cost savings for PCP visit participants from a Medicaid population of approx.700K over one year.

2Total cost of care savings for HRA participants from a Medicaid population of approx. 700K over two years.

3PCP visit percent increase for participants in a Medicaid population of approx. 700K members over one year.

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The First Impressions onboarding app cuts administrative costs and engages members

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Within days after joining their health plan, members are motivated to complete a fun and simple onboarding experience that includes learning about the benefits of your health plan, satisfying all state onboarding regulations and rewarding them for completing their HRA and first PCP visit. First Impressions makes a lasting impression with your members and saves you millions of dollars in onboarding costs.

First Impressions Components

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Multimedia campaigns encourage completion of critical first-90-day activities.

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Rewards motivate members to complete onboarding, their HRA, and first PCP visit.

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First Impressions

A white-labeled, customizable, interactive onboarding experience for new members.

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Data Exchange

Eligibility and claims data exchange allows Finity to process all campaigns & rewards.

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Call Center

Bilingual call center provides all outreach for First Impressions.

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Health plan and providers can access all onboarding data on the administrator portal.