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MemberWell has a proven ROI and demonstrated quality improvement, cost savings, and retention. The health intelligence system engages your members, patients, or employees with multimedia campaigns, personalized LifeTracks, predictive analytics, and gamified incentives. MemberWell is an interoperable SaaS platform that is used by state Medicaid agencies, health plans, provider organizations, & self-insured employers.

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First Impressions is an empowering new member onboarding journey that motivates members to complete their HRA & PCP visit within 90 days. First Impressions includes member engagement & incentives, interactive onboarding software, outbound call center services, and comprehensive reporting. It makes your members’ first impression a lasting one.

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BabySmart combines doula-trained health coaches with integrated smart technology, the BabySmart app, and rewards to help provide important pregnancy and parenting support. It is a scalable solution that reduces the cost of care and helps solve the maternal health crisis.

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DiabetesSmart provides behavior change support in six key areas using integrated biometric devices, continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), and the DiabetesSmart app. This smart solution bends the cost curve.

Give your Medicaid and Medicare members a pathway to a richer future with Pathways. Your members will earn their health coaching certification, gain job experience, and be supported with employment placement. Pathways helps your members bridge the poverty gap.

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